Jed Zimmerman


Jed hails originally from Memphis, Tennessee, and has been a nationally touring act for the past decade. His self released works ‘Lose To Win’ and ‘Songs To Take Home’ were recorded and produced by legendary Memphis songsmith and mentor Keith Sykes, and has released two other records on Madjack records called Shedlight, and Write Now.

Jed Zimmerman is entering the Fort Worth music scene with an incredibly strong history of playing all over America. Known as a remarkable performer and highly respected songwriter, Jed's stage presence is beyond memorable. His pREvious albums have been highly acclaimed by artists and listeners alike, and now that he's calling texas home, his regional sound is now at home too. 

With covers from artists as diverse as bluegrass to pop and country, it’s easy to see why Jed is becoming one of the leading songwriters of his generation.”
— Keith Sykes

recent Albums: 

Shed Light:  Given Zimmerman’s background, when it came time to record Shedlight, it made perfect sense to collaborate with Texas’ Walt Wilkins of Mystiqueros fame. Walt produced the Shedlight sessions in Texas with a host of the area’s finest musicians including (Dick Gimble, Jimmy Davis, Corby Shaulb, Ray Rodriguez and harmonies by Tina Mitchell Wilkins .) 

Write Now: Combining the muddy Mississippi Delta with the majestic mountains of the southwest, Write Now is a stripped down acoustic approach, epitomizing Jed’s true worth as a writer devoted to his craft. Recorded in Midtown Memphis, TN on a breezy afternoon, Write Now is possibly Jed’s most honest and true moment to date as a singer songwriter.

Jed’s songwriting perspective takes a panoramic view that makes mountains out of molehills and molehills out of mountains.
— Susan Gibson

Upcoming Shows

Jed is one of my favorite songwriters. I recorded his song Texas New Mexico Line on my latest release High Road to Taos. Jed has a way of capturing the feel of the southwest. He is an incredible singer and his songs move me like no one else I’ve heard in a long time.
— Michael Hearne